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Living life

Rowan, you need to spend more time in God’s word. You need to be careful not to gossip. You need to love your siblings. You need to be respectful to your parents. You need to pray more often. You need to limit your time on […]

Just keep trudging on

We’re all wayfaring travellers, Trudging down our separate roads, Hoping, wishing, praying, Someone will come to share our load, There’s sunburn on our shoulders, And there are blisters on our feet, We brave the wildest blizzards, And scorching summer heat, Sometimes we find somebody, Who […]


Ah,  Look at the places she travels to, how happy she is. Look at her friends. . .her beautiful friends. Look how talented they are, how cool they are. Just look at the delicious, organic food she eats. Look at how beautiful she is. Look […]

Never trust a mirror

Never trust a mirror, For a mirror always lies, It makes you think that all you’re worth, Can be seen from the outside, Never trust a mirror, It only shows you what’s skin deep, You can’t see how your eyelids flutter, When you’re drifting off […]

The pieces to our puzzle

Our lives are one big puzzle, We don’t know how many pieces we’ve got, There are people that fit in quite nicely, And people who try but do not, We’re constantly adding more pieces, All the memories of things we’ve been through, We add laughter […]

Learning to rise again

It’s okay if you’re burning with anger or sadness or both. It is necessary for you to collapse so you can learn how phoenixes are reborn when they burn and rise again from the ashes of their existence. – Noor Unnahar What a beautiful quote. […]

Note to self

Note to self: Never again will you be thirteen years old. Never again will you live in the same home, or have the same friends. Never again will you have the same conversations, or eat the same food. Never again will you own the same […]


Isn’t it absolutely, terrifyingly, shockingly amazing how words-those tiny little sounds in this chemical filled air, those shapeless weird marks on stark white paper-can make or break living, breathing people? Stab them at heart without a single weapon, push them off their strong, firm feet, […]

Letting go

(Taken from my journal: 2/25/18) You know those cheesy movies? The ones where dear ones always remind others that those who leave us for a while or possibly forever will always be close at heart? As cliché as it sounds, I can’t help but admit […]

Ordinary moments

(Taken from my journal: 2/25/18)   Muffled shrieks of laughter. Rustling bed sheets. Quiet whispers. Soft glows of light. Just a simple but sweet moment in my life. A bit ago, I read an instagram post by my sister. She shared that she had always […]