Ordinary moments

(Taken from my journal: 2/25/18)


Muffled shrieks of laughter. Rustling bed sheets. Quiet whispers. Soft glows of light.

Just a simple but sweet moment in my life.

A bit ago, I read an instagram post by my sister. She shared that she had always looked to find extraordinary things, and failed to snap photos of her little red car, our home, or dog. If I recall, it went something like this: “People always seek to find the extraordinary moments in their life, when the ordinary moments are the most beautiful and genuine moments.” This was so inspiring to me, because it’s so darn true. Just think about it. At least for me, it seems that we’re always searching to find cool and unique things to talk about, or to snap photos of or to travel to. But have you ever considered that life, just the way it is, is extraordinary in itself? Because I’m beginning to find that it most definitely is.

Especially as young people, we seem to always focus on the future. What’s happening next. But I am learning to live in the present, and to soak in the moment. YOLO. Yep, I just used that gangster, overrated saying. You only live once. As much as it’s said, we don’t think about it enough. People. God has gifted us with ONE life. Live it out, the way it is.

I am personally the person who loves to always be doing something. I love to keep myself busy, and get involved in, well, life. I don’t believe that this is a bad thing, But I’m finding that the small and simple moments are beautiful and inspiring. Life the way it is is extraordinary, even though its ordinary, weather you see it or not.

So here are some photos I snapped several nights ago. Inky sky. Glowy street lights. creamy moon. whispy clouds. rocky pavement. Minivans whisking by. Scrawny, brown dead grass.


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