A thankful prayer

Wow, God. You really outdid yourself. You blessed me with a unique, goofy, beautiful family. A family that loves me when I am the hardest to love, and serves me when I don’t deserve to be served. A family that accepts me when no one else will. A family that cares about me. Really, Truly, cares about me. A family that reminds me that I am strong and I am worth it when I feel so weak. Maybe not always with words, but in the second chances they¬† give me. In the hugs they wrap me in. You blessed me with a family that laughs and smiles and shares cheesy jokes and silly stories. A family that is so imperfect, so broken, but we know that we’re so loved by you, a Merciful Father.

I thank you for giving me a family at all. You could have placed me somewhere else. Bare, unloved, and broken. But you didn’t. You put me here. Right here, and this is where I’m supposed to be. You placed me in this family where I cam called to love and serve and love and serve and love and serve nonstop. This is my mission field, and my calling. I could have never even thought of asking you for better. I am so blessed and beyond to be who I am and where I am, and I am so undeserving of all the unconditional love shown to me by these dear people.

Thank you doesn’t say enough. My cup is so full, Lord. It’s overflowing.

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