Playing a part is easy. But being yourself-that’s a challenge. 


How true. How true it is that we often play a part that is not our own. That we fake it and fake it and fake it until we’re almost so lost that we forget who we are. Who we really, truly are. I know it, because I see it. I see it almost every day. People who aren’t people. They’re actors. They act because they’re afraid that who they are isn’t good enough. Pretty enough. Cool enough. But to be honest, I’m so tired of it. I’m tired of fake. Why can’t we just be ourselves, our real, genuine selves? I wish we could all just do what we like to do, strip our personalities raw, and not care one single bit. I wish we could announce; declare our differences proudly, instead of hide them in excuses, or shove them in an act. Because there’s no need to cover up who we are. There’s no need to be someone else when we are ourselves. The unique, different people God made us to be. So yes, world. I’m different. But you know what? That’s okay. That’s good. That’s amazing. I love to write inspiring poems Sunshine is my favorite, and I love to watch musicals. (See La La Land)  I like to smell leather journals, and hammock in the sunshine. I love tea, (cinnamon especially), and I’m appreciative of cheesy puns. I am a child of God. This is me. This is the person God made me to be. I’m imperfect. I’m awkward. I have messy handwriting. And I’m not ashamed of me.

What do you think? What makes you different and original?

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  • How very thankful I am that you are you, Rowan! You are a wonderful addition to our CY group. I appreciate your candid honesty and your fierce loyalty. Be encouraged that sometimes people are still figuring out who their true selves are, but your friendship might be what helps them to figure that out! And might I encourage you to never forget the most important part of who you are, a child of the Almighty King which makes you a dearly loved princess who has the opportunity to honor Him in ALL that you do. In Christ’s love, Mrs. Parnell

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